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We can all agree that a Koi tattoo is among the most common tattoo that lots of people like to get. 

So here's our Koi Fish brush set for tattoo artist.

Stop wasting time searching for and tracing your outlines.

This brush set comes with 10 full body dragon outlines,

We have done the work for you and have spent hours outlining different dragons for you so you can have more time to do what you love, and thats tattooing.  

Also, there are flowers and waves that pair with Koi designs well, so you can create your own art piece.

Enjoy the easy to install and use Procreate Brush Set, compatible with your iPad. 

Here are the steps to downloading your brushes correctly.

1. (from your ipad) Open email sent to you that says "Your downloads are ready"

2. Click download link. (this will open your internet browser)

3. click the downloads icon to the right of your browser bar.

4. click the brushes file, it should then open in procreate.

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